Each story has it's beginning.

This story begins in the old factory hall in Voikkaa, Finland - it was love at first sight when the partners of the recently established Sarastus Growth walked in to the paper storage. 


 In that very moment it was decided: This is the place for industrial scale insect farm that produces high quality and pure insect products for international markets. 

"We want to promote insects

as a part of people's everyday diet."


Pasi Korhonen

CEO of Sarastus Growth Oy and Sarastus Foods Oy. Pasi has a long experience of start-ups as well as EU and Business Finland funded projects since 2003.  Strategic and holistic thinking on running a businesses and on marketing is characteristic to Pasi:  'See the problems in bigger picture leads to customer oriented visions which are the foundations of profitable and sustainable solutions.


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pasi.korhonen (at) sarastusfoods.fi 


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Mika Vainio

Head Breeder of Sarastus Growth Oy and Production Manager of Sarastus Foods Oy. 

Mika is a father and entrepreneur with experience of various businesses. He is passionated about production efficiency while not forgetting environmental friendliness. 


+358 40 715 4822

mika.vainio (at) sarastusfoods.fi 


Jukka Eskelinen

Chairman of the Board of Sarastus Growth Oy and Sarastus Foods Oy. Since the end of the 1990s, Jukka has worked in product development, sales and administration. Elisa Oy and several IT companies, the latter also a shareholder. Jukka is also a forest owner who is interested in literature, and is interested in bird watching.


+358 50 468 3673

jukka.eskelinen (at) sarastusfoods.fi 





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